Episode 58: Bru McCoy, Patrick Cantlay, and the National Spelling Bee

Kyle and Tony discuss Bru McCoy going back to USC and what the Transfer Portal would look like if it were an App. They then breakdown Patrick Cantlay’s come-from-behind win at The Memorial and make their predictions for the RBC Canada. They then discuss the first 2 games of the NBA playoffs. The Blizt Package heats up as the guys argue about spendin 100k for NBA finals tickets and Kyle unsuccessfully tries to spell some of the words from the National Spelling Bee Championship.

Episode 57- Koepka, Milkshakes, and the NBA Finals

Kyle an Tony break down the PGA Championship and Brooks Koepka’s win. The guys then look forward to the Memorial and Muirfield. They discuss who are their favorites to win, if Matt Kutcher can actually win in Sketchers, and which milkshake is top dog. Thunder Dan, NBA analyst, joins the show to give some poignant constructive feedback on Kyle and Tony’s choices for most over- and underrated players in the NBA. He then breaks down the NBA finals and gives some stats on the city of Toronto. Finally, the Blitz Package heats up as all three discuss the long summer sports drought after the NBA finals and which meat they prefer: chicken, beef, pork, or fish.

Episode 55

Kyle and Tony recap the NFL Draft and discuss Kyler Murray going #1 overall, the absurd amount of lineman taken, and the party scene in Nashville. They then talk about the interesting golf format at the Zurich Classic and dive into the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs. Finally, the Blitz Package heats up as they discuss Napoleon’s height, ostriches burying their heads in the sand, and the greatest TV shows of all time.

Episode 54: NFL Draft Breakdown

NFL Draft expert, Andrew Ross, returns to the podcast with all the buzz and insight from around the NFL. He talks top picks, major trade rumors, Pac-12 draftees, and if the definition of the prototypical QB has changed. Andrew stays on for the Blitz Package, which gets out of control quickly as he brings another round of Would You Rathers to the table. Finally, Kyle and Tony finish with some NBA Playoff talk.