Episode 40

The Checkdown
Episode 40

Pac-12 Football: Kyle and Tony are very excited for college football to officially begin. They discus the Pac-12 games, match-ups to watch, and talk about how the Pac-12 has the most intriguing quarterback situation in the nation. The guys then break down their article that discuses the 4 reasons why JT Daniels will win the Heisman before he leaves for the NFL. They wrap up their college football talk with their College Football Playoff predictions. Recurring guest and NBA expert, Thunder Dan Krikorian, comes back on the show to discuss the new NBA rule changes and all three take  deep dive into his official ranking of the Pac-12 Mascots. Finally, the Blitz Package heats up as the guys talk about which program they would love to be the head coach for, how the US is going to crush the Europeans in the Ryder Cup, and which music genre they would want to be most famous for.

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