Tony Johnson, left, and Aaron Cox, of Arizona State University celebrate their team's victory over Air Force in Freedom Bowl in Anaheim Stadium, . ASU won 33-28 Freedom Bowl ASU Air Force 1987, Anaheim, USA

Episode 72: Former ASU greats Aaron Cox and Tony Johnson

The Checkdown
Episode 72: Former ASU greats Aaron Cox and Tony Johnson

Pac-12 Football: Listen in as we discuss Aaron Cox and Tony Johnson’s journeys to ASU, the 1986 season that resulted in a Pac-10 Championship and Rose Bowl victory, and our subtle and often not so subtle jabs at UCLA. They also state their cases for why their ’86 team is better that the ’96 team and make predictions on what the score would be if they would have played against each other. And of course, they also answer tough questions about the greatest Jazz and Funk musicians of all time, the best Halloween candy, and how they cut a peanut and jelly sandwich. But, please stick through and listen until the very end as Tony and Aaron talk about what they are doing now. It’s truly inspiring stuff, specifically about how they are helping people with disabilities and mental illness. 

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