Episode 61: 2019 Pac-12 Football Preview

Pac-12 Football: Football is back, baby! Kyle and Tony recap the 2018 Pac-12 season as well as give the first Power Rankings of the year. The guys then make their predictions and talk about which Pac-12 teams will have the biggest leap or fall. Kyle then breaks down the current FedEx Cup standings and what’s next on the golf scene. Finally, the Blitz Package heats up as the guys discuss their biggest pet peeves and Boogie Cousins’ injury.

Episode 58: Bru McCoy, Patrick Cantlay, and the National Spelling Bee

Kyle and Tony discuss Bru McCoy going back to USC and what the Transfer Portal would look like if it were an App. They then breakdown Patrick Cantlay’s come-from-behind win at The Memorial and make their predictions for the RBC Canada. They then discuss the first 2 games of the NBA playoffs. The Blizt Package heats up as the guys argue about spendin 100k for NBA finals tickets and Kyle unsuccessfully tries to spell some of the words from the National Spelling Bee Championship.

Episode 53-Tiger’s Win

Tiger Woods’ win at Augusta made Kyle certifiably lose his mind. The guys break down his performance, Molinari’s meltdown, and what it means to golf. They then give some fun facts and details about what was happening in 2008 when Tiger last won and what has happened in his span between wins. They then reluctantly transition to NBA Playoff talk and finish with an interesting Blitz Package segment-a discussion on potato skins, ranch, and sour cream.

Episode 50

Pac-12 Football: Kyle and Tony recap the Pac-12 Championship Game (the Mehhh Bowl), give out Big Boy Pants and Lil’ Dumper Awards, and discuss the teams that made a bowl game. They then breakdown the CFP top 4 teams, discuss USC’s hire of Kliff Kingsbury, and talk about the Heisman Finalists. The Blitz Package heats up as they look at the last 4 Emojis on their phones and talk about what it means and Kyle talks about the soon-to-be birth of his 3rd son.

Episode 49

Pac-12 Football: Kyle and Tony are back after indulging heavily in all that Thanksgiving had to offer. The guys then break down the upcoming Pac-12 Championship game, talk about the final standings, and Kyle gives his final Power Rankings. Kyle and Tony then do an End of the Year Review by giving out their MVPs, Biggest Lil’ Dumpers, Coach of the Year, and make a bold prediction for next season. The guys then discuss the latest CFP rankings, The Match between Tiger and Phil, and all that they liked and didn’t like about it. Finally, the Blitz Package heats up as they debate real vs. fake Christmas trees and if they’d ever cut down their own tree.